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Bombshell (pc game)
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Playing out a little like a mix of a sci-fi Diablo and old-school action hits like Doom, Bombshell is an intriguing experience that doesn't quite get everything right but which is a lot of fun nonetheless. It mixes a striking visual style with an intriguing narrative and some brutal and intense combat to mostly decent effect, making it a good choice if you like games that don't take themselves too seriously. The story finds bomb disposal expert-turned mercenary Shelly Harrison caught up in a wild ride to save the president and the galaxy from a vicious alien threat. The gameplay is mostly third-person exploration and action, as you roam around various sci-fi environments, dishing out death and destruction to your enemies while making use of an extensive range of weapons and upgrades. There are RPG elements in the way you use experience points and through the inclusion of side quests and other mechanics while the game also features interactive environments and close combat to add to the fun. Bombshell certainly makes for an entertaining time if you're just looking for some over-the-top science fiction action. The combat comes at you fast and furious and is actually surprisingly deep, thanks to the inclusion of some clever gameplay mechanics. The RPG elements add further depth and variety to things, while the whole thing looks stylish and very pretty, thanks to some nice design work. The story is not overly original but manages to get some surprises in while the general tongue-in-cheek feeling is also welcome, making this a good choice for fans of Duke Nukem and Serious Sam.