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Bonanza Bros. (pc game)
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A bizarre little offering from the days of the Mega Drive/Genesis, Bonanza Bros. is a curious game which isn't going to appeal to everyone but if you like offbeat experiences such as ToeJam and Earl and Spy vs Spy, then you might just lap it up. It suffers a bit from some wonky controls but it manages to overcome such issues by simply being very fresh and original. The idea here is that you control Mobo and Robo, two robotic-like creations who are enjoying their favorite TV show when a mysterious stranger appears and charges them with collecting a series of objects which have been placed inside a building and which are guarded by a sophisticated security system. There are ten such buildings to explore but you only have three minutes to complete each one, and they are of course filled with guards and other hazards. You have a map to show you where the items are and a gun to knock out the guards for a few seconds but this isn't an actioner and your task will require stealth and speed to complete successfully. Bonanza Bros. is a bit like a simplified version of the superb Stealth Inc. and although it's not as clever as that one, in terms of retro appeal, this scores better. One of the main appeals is the visuals, which are still bright and vibrant with a lot of personality. The gameplay is simple but quite absorbing, with a high pace that keeps you playing and which feels suitably frantic. The game does provide you with a few too many "continues" but use these wisely and there's a fun and challenging experience here.