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Bones: The Game of The Haunted Mansion (pc game)
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  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Enter your name
  • Options game
  • Take object
  • Go west
  • Bonebuster
  • Bones: The Game of The Haunted Mansion pc game
  • Character Hand Attack
  • Investigate
  • Communicate
  • Skeleton Wounded
  • Game top scores screen
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Rogue-like like, basic, emulating a mainframe title

The very original game in the series, called Wizard's Castle was a primordial Rogue-like title developed to run on a mainframe computer; thus, it had you exploring a dark and twisty underground network, in search of a globe of magic. Of course, the encounters were randomized and thus, with each run, something in the game would be a little different; maybe it was the monster placement, maybe it was the weapons and upgrades you got access to; there were loads of different things that the game made use of. This version is just a slight graphic upgrade, but it is still true to the form and build of the original; you still have to descend into the depths of the dungeon, and hope to have some lesser enemies at first! There are loads of spells and other such goodies to sink into later on, but you have to wait for them a little while, and luck has got to be on your side. It's still pretty unimpressive, after you've had a taste of it, in all honesty, though I like rogue likes; it just lacks real diversity; as the game, while dealing different game instances every time, is still bludgeoned by a restrained number of elements to work with – building blocks if you will. But, certainly, if you are interested in the early mainframe games, this one will surely be one you should have in mind. More so that you don't need a mainframe computer to play it!