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Braveland Pirate (pc game)
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Thar be treasure!

This third entry in a series which included Braveland and Braveland Wizard is as light and fluffy as its predecessors, meaning it's just as enjoyable but equally lacking in long term depth. Like its predecessors, it's a charming turn-based strategy/RPG game, like a sort of pirate version of Jagged Alliance, and which shares their good points which also its bad ones. This time around, you're in the role of Captain Jim and must control his band of pirates as they embark on an epic quest for treasure. As you explore, you'll battle zombie pirates and discover treasure chests brimming with gold, but the many cunning pirate captains won't let you take them easily, so you're going to have to work for it. In terms of gameplay, this is basically a small-scale turn-based strategy game, where you line up your motley crew of pirates and then engage in combat with a variety of enemies, while making use of each individual's special skills. There's loot to be found and some leveling up to be done, along with a variety of environments to explore and enemies to defeat. If you're looking for a simple but fun bit of strategy gaming, then this should keep you happy. It's definitely got a lot of charm, with its character-filled visuals that make good use of color and which bring the pirate world to glorious life. The interface and mechanics are easy to use and learn, while the combat gameplay is straightforward and fun, but a little lacking in long-term appeal. However, for when you just want a good solid piece of entertainment, this just about fits the bill.