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Too simple for its own good

Inspired by old-school turn-based games like Laser Squad, this is a fairly charming little game, but which lacks the depth to make it a must play. The story is familiar stuff, and finds players in control of a fairly typical fantasy RPG-style character who finds his village attacked. He thus sets out to take revenge and over the course of his epic adventure, he eventually lives up to his destiny and ends up as commander of a mighty army. The game is presented in attractive fashion with a nicely hand drawn world that is packed with personality, with plenty of curious characters and interesting locations to visit. There are various types of unit to discover and which have their own unique skills to add to the strategy. Units here include archers, scouts, healers and arbalesters, with around 25 in total available. The majority of the game is focused on turn-based battles, but there are also RPG elements such as leveling up your hero, collecting artifacts and magic to bring in more interest. There are three story chapters to complete, each with boss battles, and which take place in distinct parts of the game world. While Braveland is certainly not a bad game, it's just a little too shallow for its own good. It's all very simple to get into, making it perfect for newcomers, with some very easy mechanics to grasp but if you have played any similar games before, you're likely to be disappointed by the lack of depth here. The battlefields are quite small, and you don't really need much in the way of tactics to win thus making this an entirely forgettable experience.