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Breach & Clear: DEADline (pc game)
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Zombies! Again...

The original Breach & Clear is a tactical squad-based shooter, a little like X-Com and Laser Squad that wasn't as deep as it liked to make out, but which was still fairly fun. This follow-up shifts things quite dramatically but isn't very successful and suffers from a few very obvious issues. Things get off to a promising start, with a storyline that sees you thrust into a zombie-infested world (okay, so it's not original, but it's still quite cool) and given command of a squad of elite soldiers tasked with taking down the monsters. You can play the game as either a real-time strategy game, controlling your soldiers individually as you make your way through the various missions and sidequests, or you can take it in turn-based fashion if you like things a bit more thoughtful. There's a pretty decent range of missions, troops and enemies to experience, while the customization options are also fairly pleasing. The game typically takes an overhead view for things, which makes navigating the levels quite easy, while there are also RPG-style elements in the form of leveling up your troops and so on. On paper, this sounds like it could be a nice little game. And indeed, it starts out well, with an exciting opening scene which generates interest, while the first missions are quite fun. However, you soon realize that the story is poorly developed, as are many of the levels, with some bland design work. The combat is also pretty easy, while things like poor pathfinding and AI, and a general feeling of being unfinished let the side down. Not a terrible game, but not great either.