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Bridge Olympiad (pc game)
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Straight up bridge sim, with tough AI opponents

Bridge Olympiad is a very serious and committed bridge simulation, so much so that it doesn't even pack a tutorial, but, then again, the game rightfully assumes that you will already be in the know with the basics; that is because it doesn't really take the time to teach you, or by that token, be willing to help you learn! Nope, Bridge Olympiad is the game you go to when you already know your way with the cards and are looking for a real challenge. The game packs a lot of very agile competitors, not so much different in the style of their play, but don't worry, they pack enough surprise to see you challenged for good. Visually though, there is n' much to talk about. The game is a nice enough 2D rendering which works as advertised, but it doesn't necessarily stand out in no particular way. You might want to start with Slam Bridge to get your game up before moving on up to Bridge Olympiad, unless, you already know your game. Bridge Olympiad can be a really great game to go for, but don't forget, it's not for the beginners, it is a game for already well endowed players.