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Brink of Consciousness: Dorian Gray Syndrome Collector's Edition (pc game)
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For puzzle fans, this is an absolute treat. Don't let the name Big Fish Games put you off, as it's actually a superb adventure romp that is more than a match for the likes of Myst and which deserves to be played by any genre fan. This collector's edition is the best one to go for as well, as it offers a few nice extras, including a strategy guide, soundtrack, wallpapers and more. The story here is a good one, and finds the player in control of a reporter investigating a series of strange disappearances. However, things become more personal when your girlfriend is kidnapped and which leads you to a creepy old mansion. As you explore the mansion, you'll be taunted at every corner by the kidnapper through a speaker system and in order to get your girl back, you'll need to solve the many puzzles he also throws at you. You've got a mix of puzzle styles to solve, including hidden object games and logic puzzles as well as inventory-based ones, which gives the game a nice sense of variety. Brink of Consciousness really is a cracking adventure that is worth playing whether you're into the genre or not. It's got fantastic production values and really looks the part, with some wonderfully atmospheric visuals and a genuinely unsettling mood hanging over everything. The story is gripping and creepy in equal measure and should keep you hooked to the end, while the puzzles are varied, challenging and always entertaining to complete. Throw in some lovely audio work and you have a near perfect adventure.