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Walk on the edge

Brink is another one of those games which was perfectly decent stuff back in the day and which still holds up reasonably well now but which there is no point picking up. This is solely to do with the fact that it's a multi-player shooter which relied on other people to actual get anything out of it, and as it's probably going to be tricky finding anyone else still playing, you're better off with something else. There is a single-player portion but it's effectively the same as the multi-player just not as much fun. The concept here is that in the far future, the Earth has been flooded completely. The Ark is one of the few habitable places remaining but there's a battle between its guardians and the resistance, thus setting the stage for what is to follow. Ignoring the single-player aspect, this is basically a standard team-based shooter, much like Halo and the like, where teams of fighters battle it out over objectives. You've got a few classes to play as, the usual array of weapons, while missions are very much objective-based which does help lend some narrative backbone to proceedings. Brink isn't an easy game to pick up, with a steeper learning curve than Team Fortress or other shooters, but if you're prepared to put the effort in, it's still a solid experience. The essential mechanics were generally well thought-out and the gunplay feels meaty and satisfying. Level design is varied and engaging and the whole thing is very enjoyable. It's just that playing in single-player mode rather defeats the object of the exercise.