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Bubble Bobble Hero 2 (pc game)
4.51 out of 5 (302 votes)
  • Introduction sequence
  • Stage 1-1 starting
  • Collect all the items
  • Stage 2 clear
  • Stage 3, bubble them all
  • Bonus stage!
  • Stage 4, the the clock to stop time
  • First level boss
  • You have to use those thunders in the bubbles
  • Few more hits to defeat the giant cat
  • Store the password to start from where you left
  • Stage 2-1 almost clear
  • Stage 2-2 started
  • Stage 4 - Using bonus
  • Second stage boss
  • Here you have to use the stars to defeat him
  • The giant boss that resembles a fox
  • Introduction menu by Lonaisoft
  • Snake and snail enemies for the dinosaurs
  • Beginning stage 1-3 with 8 lives
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Too colorful and detailed for its own good...

Gameplay wise I've got nothing against Bubble Bobble Hero 2, it is the same bubble catching shtick that was presented in the first iteration, fun, maybe for children or for those looking for a silly little arcade experience, but, on the long run, Bubble Bobble Hero 2 is a bit too much graphically. There's animated backgrounds, there's too much clutter in the foreground, too much glitter all over the place, and everything screams at you to look at it, just making it harder for you to focus. But, well, maybe some of you will appreciate it because of that, in spite of appreciating it in spite of that! Well, you'll have to collect the fruits in bubbles and other objects and then pop them. That's all you really want to know. But, as I said, the clutter of glowing thingies, and of fake plastic looking elements kind of put me off. Nope, for people like me the first game is where it's at, or, with the 96 iteration which doesn't go crazy graphically, but still manages to look modern and, thus remain more gameplay focused.

A fantastic clone

Bubble Bobble Hero 2 is a relatively unknown clone of Taito's classic arcade game Bubble Bobble every fan of the game will love and adore from the first minute in. For those unfamiliar with the original game, the game is about one (or two, if you choose to have a friend play along, which is actually much more fun) dragons that tries to get to the end of the level by blowing bubbles which they use to capture their enemies in them an eventually pop them. In this game, you do the same. After they pop and destroy their enemies, they collect fruits that fall down from the bubble and give you points. If you have a friend playing, you two can compete in who will get the most points. The game is very simple and very, very addictive. Fantastic 3D graphics from a side view, great animation and anime-like design only make this game look and play better than ever. The sound effects are also top of the art and give a lot to the atmosphere. If you like the original Bubble Bobble, you will definitely like this clone and have a fun few days, maybe even more. Enjoy!