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Bugdom 2 (pc game)
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  • In the insect world
  • A giant gnome chasing you
  • Bug caught in a waterslide
  • Avoiding the honeycomb on the way down
  • Running on the baseball
  • Flying near the spot lights
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Help the bug

The second episode of Bugdom is an action platform game which offers a great deal of variety in terms of what you do in the game. The plot in this game is that you will play as Grasshopper skip whose backpack has been stolen by some bully bee and your mission in the game is retrieve it by setting on a quest where you will have to do a lot of things which are both action and fun. You will release mice from their mousetraps, catch fish and blow anthills. Moving on, you will balance yourself on a baseball while going through a firecracker field and will also have to race on the top of cars that are controlled through radio. You will have a snail and a chipmunk to aid you in your quest and you will also slide down gutters that are filled with pine cones and leafs. Making some good bugs as your friend will also help you in defeating the enemy bugs. The graphics in the game are quite alluring and they give a detailed view of all the dimensions and the action. The controls are well synced and the user interface is also great. Grounstream is another good game which you will admire playing.