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Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time (pc game)
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64bit era type 3D platformer starring the crazy WB rabbit!

The Nintendo 64 sure imposed a certain graphical style for 3D games, something that was done with Mario World titles, with games staring Zelda and with many other characters and universes that up until the release of the console were only presented in 2D. However, Atari had kind of lost the console war, but they were still game developers and I assume this title was their manner of taking a bit of the 3D, third person platforming pie, and, to their credit they did manage to create a rather nice, sharp though not too diverse game. So, in it, you'll be playing in the furry skin of Bugs Bunny; you know him, he's got a fetish for carrots and for disturbing those hunters that won't give him peace. But that is the cartoon series, in the game however Bugsy is relegated to more mundane tasks for the most part, such as the collection of trinkets spread through the level, working his way towards certain spots that require him to find the right platform combination and later on, engage in action puzzle sequences to escape his enemies or to get something else done. But, in essence, the game never picks up, never really throws anything too impressive at you, though, for what is worth, the title is sufficiently playable. Give it a go if you love Bugsy or if you have a weak spot for early Nintendo like 3D platformers.