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Burger Time Deluxe (pc game)
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  • Remake of the Atari 2600 classic
  • Action Puzzle Game Burger Time Deluxe
  • Based on the hit Atari game
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Hold the onions!

Old-time gamers will probably remember the original Burger Time, which stands a fine example of the old-school art of arcade gaming. It was one of those deceptively simple but hugely addictive little romps that just sucked up your quarters (or your time if you were playing it at home), so it's refreshing to see this update, and which fortunately retains much of its predecessor's charm. The essential concept is similar to before, this being a side-on, single-screen platform game where you control a little chef and must navigate the levels, walking over food pieces to make them fall to the bottom of the screen in order to make complete hamburgers. Of course, there are numerous enemies roaming around, including condiments and fried eggs, but you can take them out with powerups or the falling food bits. The main addition to this version is the story mode, which tells a tale of two chefs who are trying to save their uncle's restaurant, but you can also play in a classic mode, which retains the general feel of the original, without the story cutscenes. For anyone who does enjoy updated versions of classic hits, this is the near perfect addition to their collection. The cutesy graphics might not be to everyone's tastes, but they are bright, colorful and full of personality. The gameplay is simple stuff, but there's no denying that it's very addictive stuff and really nails that one-more-go quality that such games demand. The controls are tight and responsive, making this a fine piece of retro gaming.