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Card City Nights (pc game)
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Card City Nights is an intriguing, clever and enjoyable card-based game which blends adventure and a character-filled story to great effect. The card-based elements are surprisingly deep and offer plenty of opportunities for strategy, while the whole thing is laced with good humor that makes it very accessible and easy to pick up. The story basically revolves around your adventures in a permanently night-shrouded city, in search of eight legendary cards as part of the biggest competition the city has ever seen. As you explore, you'll meet all sorts of card-crazed players and take them on in a series of challenging and complex duels. The essential aspect of the duels is building decks and the familiar associated elements which are found in games like Magic: The Gathering, and the mechanics here are generally clever and intuitive, being very easy to pick up even if you haven't played such a game before, while offering a fair amount of depth to keep things interesting in the long run. The story here is pretty simple, but it's entertaining and made more so by the many characters you'll encounter, who have a lot of personality and really leap off the screen. This is aided by the stylish visuals, while particular mention must go to the cool soundtrack which adds even further atmosphere to proceedings. The game starts out pretty easy but you'll soon realize there are lots of decks to build and the opponents get challenging quite quickly, so if you're looking for a fun card game to lose yourself in, this is a good bet.