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Caribbean! (pc game)
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Shiver me timbers!

If you've played and enjoyed Mount & Blade, you might be tempted to try out this little known game, as it looks and plays very similarly. However, it's a tough game to recommend, as it suffers from a lot of bugs as well as a general lack of originality and overall fun. In essence, this is a mix of open world RPG and economic sim that thrusts you into the dangerous world of pirates in the 17th Century. The game lets you play how you want to for the most part, so you can become a vicious raider and plunder everything you find, or you can become a merchant or businessman and make your fortune the honorable way. There's pretty much everything you could hope for in such a game, including naval battles with controllable ships and boarding actions, detailed crew management, building and commercial management on land and an assortment of other details that on the surface at least make this a tantalizing prospect. However, in its current state, Caribbean! is just too bug ridden and unpolished to be worthy of inspection. Upon firing up the game, you're likely to experience crashes on a regular basis, which is of course especially frustrating when you've spent twenty hours building up your character only to lose it all. On top of this, there are a a number of broken features which again stand in the way of your enjoyment. The game does at least look quite nice, with some vibrant visuals which are attractive but at the end of the day, this is not enough to make the game worth playing. Stick to Port Royale instead.