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Carmageddon Max Pack (pc game)
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  • Select grid position
  • Car problems
  • Checkpoint
  • Image game
  • Carmageddon Max Pack pc game
  • Red car
  • 100 credits
  • Damage Gallery
  • Defensive
  • Start the race
  • Racing on snow
  • Game box art
  • A snapshot extracted from gameplay video.
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Carmageddon game pack

Nowadays, there are a lot of game that come in what they say are "Collector's Edition". Had it these kind of releases been made back in the '90s, it could have been mindblowing. However, the equivalent to these "collections", in the '90s we've had "packs", bundle of the original game and its expansion packs. Carmageddon is one such pack that we could acquire. The pack contained both the original Carmageddon and Carmageddon Splat Pack. Now as much as I love the game, the pack includes some other bonuses as well, such as a strategy guide, a mouse pad and a leather car key chain with Carmageddon's logo on it. Packs with these kind of surprises are common nowadays, but back then if you told your friend what did Max Pack contain, he would have gone to the nearest store to buy. In conclusion, Carmageddon Max Pack is game that's worth adding to your collection and hope that newer games would be released in such packs.