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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 (pc game)
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Drac is back!

The Lords of Shadow games stand as something of a reboot to the classic and much-loved Castlevania series, taking the 2D action/platformers into 3D and turning them into something like the God of War games. This sequel rounds out the trilogy which began with the original Lords of Shadow and continued with Mirror of Fate but unless you're a diehard fan of the franchise, it's actually easily skipped. It doesn't do anything really wrong, it's just not especially memorable, except if you really need to find out how it all ends. The story is a typically convoluted one involving series favorite Gabriel Belmont, who is now better known as Dracula, and his quest to destroy Satan who is about to return with ideas about ending the world. What follows is a 3D platform/adventure game with a lot of hack 'n' slash combat and set in a semi open-world context. The story shifts between the current period and dreamlike excursions into Dracula's castle as he attempts to regain his powers before taking on the big guy. There are some new weapons and powers to make use of, just to mix things up, and that rounds out the package. The main draw here is going to be the story and for anyone who's been following this particular saga from the start, you kind of have to get this one. And it is a compelling narrative, full of blood-soaked twists and turns, and most fans will be satisfied by the end. The gameplay is still fun, with plenty of action, but issues like wobbly camera and a general feeling of 'so what' prevent this from being a true classic.