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Cat Lady, The (pc game)
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Disturbing but superb adventure

A far cry from the likes of classic adventures such as Monkey Island and Discworld, The Cat Lady is nevertheless a bold, daring and edgy slice of gaming. If you like your games to push the envelope and are looking for something unique, then this should be next on your list. This is pretty dark stuff and might not be for everyone though, dealing as it does with themes of depression but if you are prepared for it, you'll find out what games can really do. The story tells the tale of Susan, the titular cat lady, who has tragically decided to take her own life. However, on the other side, she finds herself set the task of ridding the world of five terrifying creatures and which requires her to venture through the strange lands of both the living and the dead. In gameplay terms, this is familiar stuff, made as it was with Adventure Game Studio. It is viewed from the side, with the player exploring a series of environments, interacting with interesting objects and characters, and collecting items to solve puzzles. Most of the game is played as Susan but there are moments when you get to control a cat in order to reach certain areas and to solve puzzles. The Cat Lady gets off to a great start, with a stylish intro that sets up this intriguing world with aplomb. The in-game visuals are equally impressive, with a unique look that is highly atmospheric and with some stunning, if disturbing, environments. Controls are as easy as they come, requiring only the cursor keys, while the puzzles and storyline are satisfying and utterly absorbing respectively. A true classic.