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Catapults (pc game)
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It's Connect 4! With sheep! And bombs!

Anyone who's ever payed the classic board game Connect 4 should recognise this as it is a rather clever and inventive variation on the timeless theme. It offers two modes of gameplay, one of which is pretty much a straight computerised take on the real world version but it's the second mode which really gives the game a reason to exist and if you can find another human player, then this makes for an entertaining experience. In the original mode, the rules are followed as in the original, with players taking it in turns to place coloured balls on an isometric grid, with the intention of forming a line of four in order to win the round. It sounds simple enough but in reality it's challenging and strategic an makes for a classic bit of board gaming fun. However, the second mode is where the fun really starts. Here, up to four players can join in and this time things are played out in real-time, with a number of different objectives to be played for. You can either choose to place four balls in a row, but you can also choose to try and blow up fifty sheep by shooting them with balls, while bombs have also been added to help keep things tidy. The addition of the sheep and bombs brings a whole new level of riotousness to proceedings an when you get a few like-minded players together, this becomes a hugely enjoyable and fast-paced game. The controls are easy to pick up while the visuals are simple but undeniably effective, but it's the combination of strategy and manic fun which makes this game a star and if you enjoy multi-player madness, it's well worth a look.