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Centauri Alliance (Commodore 64/128 game)
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A first person RPG, in a space setting, a bit dated...

Centauri Alliance is an old game, and its age, unfortunately, shows. It's not that it is unplayable, not at all, it is as alright to play as any other game of the era, the mechanically savvy ones at least! The problem is that it is a very contrived game... Let me explain, most first person games of the period, if they wanted to go 3D or faux 3D first person would use something like the Golden Box engine, which allowed developers to quickly iterate. Nope, this one goes rogue and uses a proprietary system that seems more attuned to lenis adventuring. So the action portions feel fake, telephoned, if you will. Thus, even if you like the Sci Fi premise, the fun factor is almost lacking. At least the story is interesting enough, truth be told, involving a war within the local galaxy between the 5 races that have been included. So, yeah, a pretty weird game, all things considered, with a magic system that feels out of place, with fights that feel weird and well, a story that is only so good and only so enticing. So, while you might feel compelled to install it, maybe even play a little, you really will feel no reason to finish it. I'd say, rather go for Captive, almost as old an RPG, but lots more fun and superior graphically and otherwise.