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Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night (pc game)
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Chainsaw Warrior might not be as well known as some of Game's Workshop's other classic boardgames, like Space Hulk, but it's a classic 80s offering which really taps into that Escape from New York vibe. The fist Chainsaw Warrior computer game adaptation did an equally fine job of turning the board game into a new media, and this sequel is just as good, making a great choice for anyone into such things. The idea behind the original game is that you have just sixty minutes to make your way into the slums of New York, with the goal of closing down a breach which has opened a doorway to another dimension. The game itself is a digital card game/board game with various action available to the player each turn and which are based around dice rolls. This sequel is broadly similar but sees you taking on a greater threat in the form of a terrible god whose followers have opened up a portal in the hope that he will come through. This time you're taking on cult followers, mutants, zombies and more in your efforts to save the world. For fans of digital board games, this is practically a must play. It manages to get just about everything right, recreating the tension of the original perfectly. It's got lots of cool comic book artwork to enjoy while other visuals are serviceable enough but add much to the general atmosphere, as does the John Carpenter-style music. The story is bags of fun while the gameplay is easy to pick up but never less than fun, so grab this is you can and have yourself a blast.