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Challenge of the Five Realms (pc game)
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Typical Rpg game

The game is an RPG underdog which somehow did not manage to attract the gamers. However I have found it quite fun to play because they have executed the simple things quite perfectly. The plot is very typical and is based on the world of fantasy. You will play the role of a king but actually not a king's role because you will disguise yourself and will move about in your empire to do away with the potential threats and to get a clear picture of the ongoing things. You are the king of 5 realms and therefore you need to be very active in your work in the game. The gameplay is a must to experience for RPG fans because there is a great depth in the variety of objects that you counter and collect in the course of your quest. There are many side quests as well which are equally interesting, the game involves some very interesting characters and is very good in terms of the graphics. The UI is prolific and are so are the controls. The level design are also unique and non-repetitive and the game really lives up to one's expectations. Try SD Snatcher as well as it is pretty much full of variety in terms of the gameplay.