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Chaos Reborn (pc game)
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A legend reborn

The original Chaos is a bona fide classic, a wonderful 8-bit experience that came from the mind of Julian Gollop, creator of other turn-based strategy legends like Laser Squad, Rebelstar and of course, X-Com. This one doesn't get everything quite right, with a lack luster single-player campaign, but if you can play it in multiplayer, you're in for a great time. As before, this is essentially a fast-paced board game-style experience, which pits rival wizards against one another in a battle to the depth. You've got a range of spells and magic items to make use of, and can summon wild creatures to your aid, while you've also got to consider movement and positioning, and can even mold the terrain to suit your strategy. The game is very much based around tactical positioning, bluffing and percentage chances, so if you like card games such as poker, but mixed in with a fantasy element, you'll have a blast here. This really is a game which some fans have been waiting thirty years for, and generally speaking, this really was worth the wait. Getting the negative out of the way first, the single player portion isn't spectacular, as playing against the computer just isn't that compelling, but once you get into the multiplayer, you'll have a hard time putting this down. The gameplay is as deep and strategic as you'd expect from Mr. Gollop, with endless opportunities for new tactics and with games always requiring cunning. When you throw in the cool visuals, which are nicely modern, but which are highly reminiscent of the original's, you have a first class update.