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Charlie Chaplin (pc game)
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  • Title screen
  • Choosing a movie to shoot
  • Scene breakdown
  • Let's start with scene 1
  • Action!
  • Comedy gold
  • Cameras are rolling
  • Scene 3 info
  • The magic is about to begin
  • Editing the footage
  • More editing fun
  • Don't just stand there, do something.
  • Contract
  • Can I sit down for a bit?
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  • Image extracted from gameplay video.
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For lovers of Charlie Chaplin: only

Although the name suggests that it will be a pure humor game but it is actually an action game which has been merged with some entertainment elements as well. The role that you have here as the great king of humor is to create and edit slapstick movies and then present them to the audience to make money. If you make a good amount of money from the film, you will then use the money to make more films and so on. If the film fails to make an impact, you will start off with the work again on the board. You will draft action sequences with an entertainment theme to it and this will take both imagination and skills. The graphics in the game only supports 2 colors and that is the case because the want to give the game the same look and theme as has been seen in Charlie Chaplin movies. The goals in the game are sometime a bit off conventional or befog and the gameplay is also average. The controls are good and the UI is normal. Fans of Charlie Chaplin will surely love this one but it is not for those who have only heard of him. So those who haven't seen the Charlie Chaplin movies should probably try Hotshot.