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ChessMaster 3000 (pc game)
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  • Let the battle of chess begin!
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One of the ChessMaster series

ChessMaster 3000 is just one chess game in a series of ChessMaster games that were released throughout the history from the year 1986 all the way to 2006. It is good to know that this series is the most selling series in chess gaming, with over 5 million copies sold to this day. ChessMaster 3000 is a version released in 1993 for DOS and Windows 3.x and features a multitude of chess boards and layouts in various difficulties according to your abilities. You can play the game in a top down perspective, side perspective or a first person perspective in nice 3D environment. The AI is very well written and is sure to give you a hard time. Additional tools, such as a stop watch and scoring system, can be turned off and on. Overall, this is a pretty standard chess game that will make chess lovers feel right at home playing this game on the computer either versus the program or another human. Many times have I played this game with my father or brother and the game always provides a good time, just like playing the game on a real board. The whole ChessMaster series is very good, and this is a fine specimen. Highly recommended! If you'd like a new and cool version of chess with animation, try Battle Chess. Sure to guarantee a good time!