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City planning can be fun

Controlling traffic networks doesn't sound like it would make for the most enjoyable game in the world, but Cities in Motion managed to prove otherwise. The series is a bit like a smaller scale version of SimCity or Railroad Tycoon and makes for an entertaining bit of strategy and town management. This collection brings together the original base game along with a number of bits of add-on content so if you are interested in trying this out, this is the best version to pick up. The game itself sees players trying their hand at creating transport networks across a variety of European cities, with things like helicopters and water taxis standing alongside the more usual railways and buses. You have to create the networks and then manage them effectively and profitably so that both citizens and the government benefit equally and although this might not sound all that thrilling, it actually proves to be quite compelling. The add-on content is pretty exhaustive and throws in new cities, challenges, scenarios and more to extend the game's lifespan. As far as strategic management games go, this is good stuff. The interface is easy to get to grips with so it doesn't take long to stay laying tracks and suchlike, leaving you to concentrate on the town planning aspect. This is genuinely addictive and will have you hooked pretty quickly, so be prepared to lose some time to the game. The graphics aren't spectacular but don't really need to be, while the extra content brings in a lot of new material, so if you're looking for something unusual, this is a good bet.