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Civilization 2 - Scenarios (pc game)
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  • Game menu
  • Map of the ancient greeks colonies
  • North of Italy
  • Someone is sending emissary
  • Talking to Hannibal
  • Moving troops toward Greece
  • City status
  • Fighting against Cartage colonies
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Civilization is back

The name of Sid Meier is something of an industry legend, and the number of classic and innovative games which bear his name is significant. Titles such as Silent Service, M1 Tank Platoon, Alpha Centauri and of course the massive Civilization franchise have entertained gamers for decades now, ensuring the great man his place in history. This one is an add-on for the second game in his landmark series of strategy games and if you are a follower of this particular entry, you should have fun here. The basic gameplay remains similar to the original, and this is a huge strategy game where you must expand your civilization through clever use of building, research, warfare and politics. What's new here is the substantial lineup of new scenarios, which range from historically accurate recreations of events like the American Civil War to fan favorite fantasy setups like alien invasions and post-apocalyptic nightmares. You also get a scenario editor if you want to tinker around with your own ideas, and which helps to make this a solid expansion pack. The appeal of this one is likely to be limited to fans of the base game but if you count yourself among this number, then you'll want to check this out. The scenarios are varied and challenging, bringing in some nice new elements which help keep the appeal factor high. Despite the depth, it's all pretty accessible, particularly if you are a series veteran, while the visuals remain as effective as ever. All in all, this is a nice addition to a great game.