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Civilization 2: Fantastic Worlds (pc game)
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Bigger and better!

This expansion pack for the second Civilization game will certainly be the perfect catch for all fans of this fantastic turn-based strategy game that won the people for decades to come. Perfect for fantasy lovers, don't you think? But that's not all! This amazing expansion set also has a cool editor that allows you to create your own maps with new units, towns and other cool improvements that will prolong your gameplay for months, maybe even years! If you're not very creative, this also allows you to go online and find hundreds, maybe thousands of custom made maps made by the best of strategist from around the globe. This will let you have your fun for years to come. The game sports the same cool atmosphere, the same awesome graphics and will definitely give you tons of fun to fill the days. If you're a Civ fan, you can't miss this one out. If you're a first-timer, this expansion will let you play this awesome game in a whole new and improve environment. Two thumbs all the way up!