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Civilization 5 (sid meier's civilization v) (pc game)
3.33 out of 5 (3 votes)
  • Game introduction
  • Discovering land near your first city
  • Civilopedia
  • What should they do?
  • Meeting Ramses
  • What production choose?
  • Exploring land
  • What policy adopt?
  • A new city built!
  • Technology tree
  • Meeting a city state
  • Game introduction title screen - cover

The Best In The Series

Civilization 5 is the latest, and let's hope not the last, entry in the Civilization series of empire management games. In my opinion, this is the best game in the series and the most addicting as well. Besides that, the game is huge and it takes quite some few hours to complete. For starters, there is no campaign mode in the game. You just simply set-up your game and try to complete it. There are 18 playable civilizations, all with different and unique features and units. For example, German has a 50 percent chance to make barbarians join your army after you've destroyed their garrison and has the almighty Panzer tank unit, while France has richer culture and has the Muskateer unit. A lot of elements from Civilization 4 have been revamped and improved, like the cities can defend themselves, without having any military unit to be garrisoned. As I said, this game takes a few hours to finish and when I say hours I mean at least 4 hours. On the easiest and fastest setting, with a minimum number of players, it still takes around 3 hours to complete. What I really hate about this game is the diplomacy. It's not well implemented and doesn't feel like it should. The graphics are superb and the distinct music for each civilization is quite great. Overall, Civilization 5 is a great empire management game. Even though it has some elements that would frustrate some gamers, it still manages to be best game in the series with lots of hours to spend, beautiful graphics and music, high replay value and, of course, lots of fun!