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CLARC (pc game)
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Funky funky dancing robots!

CLARC gets off to a great start, with its appealing visuals and what appears to be some clever and inventive gameplay. And indeed, for the first few levels at least, the game really is a great little addition to the puzzle genre. It's got a cracking lead character, some stylish visuals and some really fun puzzles to get your teeth into and it's only when you realize that it becomes a bit samey that the enjoyment wanes. While it lasts though, this is fun little game. It plays out in isometric fashion and finds you in control of a cool little maintenance robot who is working hard on the surface of Mars. The facility he works at has fallen into disrepair, with all the other robots going a bit crazy. A spaceship then arrives to sort them all out, but it falls to CLARC to save the day by rescuing his chums. What follows is nice little puzzle game which also brings in arcade-style elements. There's a ton of spatial puzzles to solve, kind of like Sokoban or Chip's Challenge, most of which are pretty clever and enjoyable. However, once you've played through a few of them, you do start to realize that it's a case of 'rinse and repeat' and it all starts to become a little samey. This is a real shame as in most other respects, this is top notch stuff. The visuals are very distinctive, with a real sense of personality to them, thanks to the lovely environmental and character designs. The game also has a great sense of humor, and there's not many places you'll see drunk robots dancing to German techno music. CLARC is almost worth the entrance fee just for this fact alone, but thankfully it's also enjoyable stuff without this aspect.