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Coach (pc game)
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Text only soccer coaching/management

Coach is a different kind of soccer manager/coaching simulation, mainly because it creates a very different kind of outlook into the game; instead of focusing on buying, selling and managing teams and strategies, this one is much more interested in showcasing the difference that coaching makes in in the game. Thus, you get a really interesting slice into the entire managerial game, one a lot more closely focused on individual coaching and growing of players. Graphically however, the game offers very little; it's a text based only game; so, you can imagine that you won't get too much in this department; however, the difference you can make in the game to your players and the results that you get, will definitely be a great way of keeping you sufficiently interested and offer you sufficient material to keep you playing. So, without a doubt, the game is worth looking into, even in spite of the scarcity of the graphics. It all makes sense in terms of the way it puts you in control of the players, but, if you want graphics, definitely download Championship Manager 2006, a much better fully fledged game in all the departments, graphical and gameplay wise.