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Codename: Gordon (pc game)
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  • Gotta back there fast!
  • Die, you walker!
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Half Life as a sidescroller!

Gordon Freeman is one of the most well known first person shooter characters ever created. He is mainly known as the silent wielder of crowbars and other weaponry in the first person series Half Life, but that is not the only games he is known for. Nope, in Codename: Gordon he debuts as a sidescroller character, in a fan made game that takes the liberty of creating City 17 in 2D. As you would expect from a fan made game that respects itself, this one is a pretty lively one too, a bit cartoonish, but rather well done. Fans of the series will recognize a lot of the Half Life staples, amongst which the face huggers do not miss. But that is not half of it! Later on you will be doing battle against the nonchalant three legged robots, against the ant lions and against the combine as well. Yap, the game takes the entire half life universe and packs it in inside this sidescroller as much as it can. Sure, the gameplay does not showcase the same diversity as the original series of shooters. So, don't expect no physics based puzzles. But for what it is worth, the game delivers a nice punch. So, that is it: a sidescroller with Gordon Freeman and a little adventure that only fans could have come up with. Try it out!