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Colin McRae Rally 3 (pc game)
4.67 out of 5 (3 votes)
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Excellent rally sim

Now this is a racing game, a down and dirty sim that takes players into the high octane world of rally driving and which does so with style. The game oozes authenticity and offers an exciting and challenging range of courses and cars to test the skills of armchair drivers everywhere. Although the game lacks a few options, offering as it does only single races or championship modes, but it makes up for things in the challenge and thrills departments, as the 58 stages set in 8 different countries provide some serious fun and excitement. Each course is rendered impressively in terms of visuals, with a great sense of speed and high levels of detail. Damage is represented realistically on your car and care must be taken to avoid taking too much, as it will negatively impact on your performance. Car physics and handling are similarly well modelled and there is an almost perfect balance between realism and accessibility, making this a great choice for veterans of World Rally Championship and newcomers alike. There are a few niggles, like the inability to take part in the championship mode in a car other the Ford Focus, and the sometimes confusing track layouts, but on the whole this is a fine racing sim that deserves to be played.