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Combat Wings: Battle of Britain (pc game)
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Tally ho!

Combat Wings might not be the most complex or realistic flight simulator out there (if that's what you're looking for, check out Flanker or F-29 Retaliator) but for some good old-fashioned combat thrills, it certainly delivers the goods. There's no real campaign mode or story to get into here and instead the game simply offers you a choice of nine authentic World War II planes and then puts you into the skies to deal with hordes of enemies. You don't have to worry about prepping your sky chariot for flight, with the only controls you need being the landing gear, flaps, and of course the trigger to make sure none of those bad guys slip through and take you out. You can also issue quick orders to your wingmen to give the game a little bit more depth while there are twenty-three missions in total to play through and which take you through a variety of authentic and detailed landscapes and which can take place during the day or at night. There was a multi-player mode but good luck finding opponents now so if you do pick this up, you're stuck with the single-player option. Realistic it is not but fun Combat Wings certainly is. No serious flight sim fan is going to get much entertainment out of this as it simply lacks the detail and authenticity that such players demand. However, in terms of fast-paced action and sheer excitement, this really is a blast. The action comes at you hard and fast, with little let up in terms of enemy attacks so you're going to need a nifty trigger finger to survive here. With its decent visuals and challenging missions, this is a fin, if simplistic, action shooter.