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Mature content notice: this page may contain explicit language, sexual themes, partial nudity and is intended for mature audiences only.
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Come See Me Tonight (watashi ni konya ai ni kite) (pc game)
3.67 out of 5 (3 votes)
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • She looks surprised
  • Ryoichi smiling
  • Tsugumi talking
  • Dinner time?
  • Kobato is gonna cry
  • Your bedroom
  • Chidori suspicious
  • Now less suspicious
  • Sheena is a little angry...
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Come up and see me, make me smile

It's always difficult looking at these Japanese interactive novels objectively. Like Do You Like Horny Bunnies? and Virgin Roster, this is a very adult oriented game which features a typically bonkers storyline, minimal gameplay and some very graphic sex scenes that are likely to offend if one is not familiar with the genre. This one isn't actually as bad as some games of a similar ilk, being less offensive or repulsive than certain titles, but isn't especially memorable either. The story finds a typical Japanese lad being given an envelope full of money from his parents and a note informing him they have sold everything and it's now up to him to follow his dreams. He gets taken in by an aunt, but soon finds himself working in her restaurant and being set up to marry one of his cousins. What follows is a typical choose-your-own-adventure style game, where you follow the story along with the pictures, making the occasional decision as to where it goes next and of course getting involved in some very graphic sex scenes. This really is pretty much a standard entry in the genre, being no better or worse than most of the others on offer. It's got a pleasant if unspectacular visual style, but the story is perhaps a little less interesting than is usually the case, as it is a little less bonkers than normal. There are a few good plot twists and you should be kept vaguely interested to the end, but don't expect anything spectacular. All in all, this is a pleasant but unremarkable bit of anime-style porn.