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Commando Enhanced (pc game)
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  • Never stand in a commando's way!
  • Crossing the bridge
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Full of action

It is a classic arcade style military action game which brings a good combination of action and graphics that allure you into an addictive gameplay. The classic military action in this game is all diversified as it allows you to do a lot of action stuff. You will have to perform a variety of missions at different levels which includes taking part in destroy and search operations and to track down enemy basis. The game offers you to a lot of weapons which includes guns, grenades and lot of other stuff. You can also pick other stuff like power ups at various levels. The graphics are quite good in terms of the details of the action and the animation is also smooth and swift. The user interface is also good because it is simple and interactive. It allows you to play on all the options easily and is very easy to interpret. The controls in this game are also very appealing to the gameplay because they are very responsive and well synced with the action. To sum up, you have a classic game on your hand. The original version of this game by the name of Commando is also a good game.