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Consortium: Master Edition, The (pc game)
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Sci-fi mystery

While it showed a lot of promise and is undeniably an enjoyable game, Consortium doesn't quite live up to its hype and perhaps its main failing is that it is simply too ambitious. It plays out a little like System Shock or similar science fiction RPGs and provides an intriguing story with some solid gameplay but comes in a little too short to make it a must play. The game takes place on a giant space station in an alternate reality where you take the role of a detective. It's your job to investigate a murder on the station, while also playing peacemaker with a band of mercenaries who want to see you dead. The whole things plays out in first person perspective and the main idea is that you can play the way that you want to, like Deus Ex. You can go around shooting everyone if you want, but it's also possible to use diplomacy instead, relying only on your wits and quick thinking. For much of its short running time, Consortium is an enjoyable adventure. There is a lot of dialogue to wade through though, so if you don't like text heavy games, you will want to skip this, but if this doesn't put you off, you should have a good time. The story is interesting, with plenty of well written characters and dialogue which keep you hooked to the end. The visuals are a bit of mixed bag, with a style that probably won't be to everyone's taste so take a look at some screenshots first to see if they appeal. Perhaps the biggest drawback is the short running time, with the game clocking in at around 4-5 hours but thanks to the open-ended nature, it does have some replayability. Not perfect by any means, but an intriguing game worth looking at.