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Let's drive!

Take a bit of Mad Max and a bit of FTL, then throw in some rogue-like elements and you have what is an intriguing little game which doesn't quite live up to its full promise. It's good enough to warrant a look though so check it out if you want an exciting bit of car-based combat. The game takes place in a fairly familiar post-apocalyptic setting and sees you travelling with your convoy of bad ass cars across a broken landscape in search of parts for your wrecked space ship. Along the way, you'll encounter various bad guys and depending on your choices, things play out in one of three main ways. You might find yourself in a high speed, real time tactical combat situation, a text-based dialogue or a chance-based roleplaying situation, and it's this variety that's at the core of the game's appeal. The game is mostly viewed from a top down perspective with some nice pixel graphics while there's a good range of customizable units to play around and the world is randomly generated, with permadeath also rears its head. For the most part, this is a fun little experience. There's a nice range of potential activities to take part in, although the combat can get a little flat due to predictable AI, but the text sections are fun, with plenty of gaming references to spot. There's a real sense of freedom too as you can explore to your heart's content, although it is pretty tough going and one bad encounter sees you crashing back to the start all over again. Throw in the charming visuals and you have an enjoyable little game which is well worth a look.