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Corporate Pursuit (pc game)
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Dull business sim

If you like the idea of mixing business with pleasure and want to try out a business sim on your computer, you might be tempted to check this out. Unfortunately, there are better examples of this type of thing out there, so players might be better off with Capitalism Plus or Entrepreneur, the classics of the genre. The basic premise is that the game is a simulation of the IT industry, with players thrust into the role of marketing manager for a technology company. They are responsible for all aspects of their company's product, from advertising and promotion to ensuring its stability in the market throughout its entire lifecycle. You receive reports, spreadsheets and market information to help you make decisions, all the while trying to stay ahead of your computer rivals, while there are also a few random events that get thrown in every now and then, just to keep you on your toes. Corporate Pursuit seems promising enough, but ultimately proves rather disappointing. It's lack of visual flash and presentation, with an abundance of spreadsheets and text-heavy reports, is forgiveable given the subject matter but which may prove off-putting for some. However, a bigger problem is that nothing ever really seems to be happening which creates a high degree of boredom and frustration as you wait around for something interesting to occur. The computer AI opponents are not exactly the smartest cookies either and don't really pose much of a challenge, which adds to the rather pointless feel of the game, so unless you are a die-hard fan of this type of thing, look elsewhere.