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Although a mix of Elite-style trading and space battles mixed up with a healthy dose of humor sounds like an intriguing mix, Cosmonaut proves that sometimes blending elements doesn't always work. It's not a bad game by any stretch of the imagination, but it just straddles the boundaries of entertainment a little too much and is thus a difficult game to recommend wholeheartedly. The idea is that you are the washed up captain of a rundown space freighter but with a little cunning, you might be able to turn your fortunes around. Like other games of its ilk, you can choose how you make your money back, whether by honest trading, piracy, smuggling or even by running a space taxi service. There are battles to be won, which are more tactical in nature, while you also have to manage your crew, which along with the extensive trading system, occupies much of your time. You can choose to follow the story, which revolves around a mysterious container and your enigmatic AI, or just explore in the sandbox mode to see what you can find. Cosmonaut is quite fun for some of its running time, with a nice mix of elements that help to keep you playing. The humor is a welcome addition, while the visuals are also quite appealing, with a nice cartoony look and feel. However, problems occur when you play for any length of time, with numerous bugs becoming obvious, and with some of them being quite serious. The translation is also poor, while other issues also get in the way of this being a long term investment. Take a look by all means but don't expect a classic.