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Fun but short-lived

Despite this sounding like some casual dress up game for young girls, it's actually a fairly intriguing RPG which features an unusual storyline and some interesting mechanics and which is worth a look. The plotline finds a brother and sister venturing out on Halloween to go trick or treating, but when one of them gets kidnapped by a horrible monster, it falls to the other to rescue them from its foul clutches. What follows is a fairly simple RPG where you control one of the two siblings in their search for the kidnapped victim. You travel around the neighbourhood, asking for candy and battling the monsters which lurk in the houses and with the combat playing out in turn-based fashion. The combat itself utilizes synchronized button pushing to carry out, like some of the Mario RPGS, while there are several costumes to collect and which affect your abilities, turning you into a vampire, robot or strange creature. There are also plenty of collectibles to discover, and which are found by completing sidequests. While it lasts, Costume Quest is certainly fun, thanks mostly to the engaging storyline which makes a refreshing change from the usual fantasy nonsense. The characters here are charming and memorable and the world itself is well constructed. Combat too is well done, with a nice level of strategy required to succeed and which should keep your hooked, while the visuals are also quite nice. However, there isn't really enough to do to keep you playing for that long and you can't help but wish that the world could be explored more and that there was more depth and variety to the gameplay. The game is still worth a look though, just don't expect to be overwhelmed.