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A modern classic?

A fascinating mix of old-school dungeon crawlers like Gauntlet and Rogue, Crawl is a cracking multi-player treat that deserves to find a big audience. It's determinedly retro in its visuals and gameplay sensibilities but adds in some wonderfully clever modern touches to make an all-round treat. In many ways, the game on display here is familiar stuff, with the main player wandering around a series of randomly generated dungeons, whacking monsters and looking for treasure. There's the usual extensive array of monsters, weapons and loot to discover, along with spells and other secrets but if this sounds a bit too familiar, the game has one major ace up its sleeve. Instead of the monsters being controlled by the computer, they're actually in the hands of other, local players and each has its own distinct feel and abilities. If you, as the monster, kill the hero, then it's your turn to step up to the plate and prove your worth. It's a simple mechanic but executed with perfection and which turns Crawl from an enjoyable, if unoriginal, dungeon romp, into a wonderful slice of multi-player mayhem. The visuals are done in a cool retro pixel art style, with some nice environments and slick monsters to discover and which look old-school but modern at the same time. The range of weapons and items to find is wonderfully extensive and should keep hardened explorers happy but it's the multi-player aspect which makes this an absolute hoot. Get your friends together and discover a potential modern classic.