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Crime and Punishment (pc game)
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  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Options game
  • The offender was on parole
  • Recorder priors
  • Crime and Punishment pc game
  • Compulsive gambler
  • Enter the amount
  • Excellent judgment
  • Return to main
  • The probation officer
  • Personal details
  • I need to know EVERYTHING!
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Courtroom simulator, graphically pretty bareboneish...

Nope, this is not a text based adventure following Dostoyevsky's eponymous novel. It is, however a barebones simulation of a court of law, where you play the role of the judge. Basically, if you've ever seen a movie where a case is presented in court, and ever wondered how that would feel, this is a game that will give you just that. Granted, it's not as much fun as it could have been, if, say, you crave graphics. Nope this game presents you the facts factually, white text over a black background. Then you are presented with multiple options, choices that you have, and also, the game simulates, quite in detail, the way a trial takes place. So, in terms of that kind of depth it sure has a lot, but atmosphere wise it's a pretty uninspired game. But then again, this was released in 84, and that was the battleground where it could present a different type of simulation. Also, expect a lot of detail judicial system ideas caught inside the game's puzzles. Yep, you can even use this game, to a point to familiarize yourself with the US judicial system, something that no other game can say! A similar type of game, though more graphically intense is D.A.: Pursuit of Justice, which you might like as well.