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Cross Racing Championship (pc game)
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Dirt track racer specialist at work!

Cross Racing Championship is a pureblood racer, in a graphical presentation that is as fresh today as it was back in 2005 (at least for those that don't crave for extreme video fidelity and don't mind a bit of jagged lines here and there!). But the gameplay is absolutely addictive, in that kind of midway arcadey/simulation kind of way, that keeps the nice simulation bits intact, but leaves the control of the vehicles less of a hassle, so you can play without a wheel and without going too crazy about perfect controls. There are times however (especially while driving on snow) where the game reveals its core arcade side. As you'll soon see, the behavior of the cars is a more arcade on, but, on certain portions of the tracks there are triggers that simply change the behavior of the vehicle. You'll notice that if, say, you go very slowly over a terrain that is triggered to pool you to a side, something that in reality would only happen if you happen to drive at higher speeds. But, as you'll rarely drive cautiously, you should not even sense these rather patchy ways of building the environments. So, if you're looking for a no nonsense more arcadey dirt track racing, Cross Racing Championship will hold its own very well, similar to Xpand Rally though, I'd say with a bit more personality than the later. Try it out, it's really fun to play and really immersive.