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Crux (pc game)
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  • Uniting some crosses
  • Game title screen
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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Wargame/puzzler; color based and very engaging

At a first glance ML Crux just looks like a typical puzzler, that is tile based and that is built on the idea of organizing tiles and creating bridges and other such constructions with them, that will allow you to get to the final goal. But, however, ML Crux is really engaging and soon reveals itself as a very engaging and mind bending game; the simple premise grows with each new tile manipulated, to almost Chess like levels of intricacy. And all that is delivered in the simplest of visuals , that you'd never in a million year think they could hide such cool and engaging, also so dynamic strategy and puzzler builds. So, overall, ML Crux is definitely it in terms of the built it has, the simple mechanics that just grow on you and, overall, a construction that is definitely worth looking into. The difficulty is also well balanced though, as you get ever increasing patters and more colors for the rotating crux as you go on, and so you don't really feel overwhelmed form the first moment you start interacting with the game. So, overall, ML Crux is a cool, well produced puzzler, but just don't underestimate it! It can be a true challenger!