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Cryostasis (cryostasis: the sleep of reason) (pc game)
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Another great horror game

Cryostasis is one of the best games that keeps the horror atmosphere along the entire game. Resident Evil or Silent Hill are also horror games, but they combine the horror genre with the action genre, and the action genre is a bit more bolded than the horror. On the other hand, Cryostasis underlines the horror atmosphere. Anyway, Cryostasis is not a shooter, nor an action game. It makes use of atmosphere, as I said, of dialogue, sound effects, music and some cool lightning effects to keep you awake. In a word, the game is very tense. The game is about a Soviet nuclear-powered ice breaker, used to explore Arctic and Antarctic zones. The vessel has been lost, and you have to explore it and find out what happened to the crew. The health is represented like the heat of your body. Low life means blue body, high life means red body. There is also stamina, that shows you if you are in a cold zone or in a warm zone. For example, you can run faster in a warm zone than in a cold one. This thing also applies in this game. The combat has a slow and ponderous quality that fits well with the type of the suffocating environment. Combat is also affected by the heat level. But the game isn't perfect. The voice acting is terrible. The visual elements of game grow a bit stale after a while. Cryostasis doesn't have multiplayer or other extras, but it doesn't need them. It would be useless. The sound might encounter problems. And the game sounds better with headphones. This game is based on ambiance. The 10 hours spend on Cryostasis aren't a waste of time if you like the excitement of the horror games. This is one of the most psychological games that I have played.