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Cultures 2: The Gates of Asgard (pc game)
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Perfect game for Sim lovers

Developed by Funatics Development and published by Kalypso Media Digital, The Gates of Asgard is a great RTS game. This is a GOD Sim type construction game where you have to expand the culture of a group of Vikings through Europe. Vikings explored the world thousands years before Columbus did. What I found most interesting in this game is the unique characters and string story line. You can discover a lot of resources exploring new lands. There are more than 30 specialized groups. You have to unite the 4 different cultures with a common goal. The 3D environment with detailed landscape is another improved feature in this game. If you are a RTS lover and if you have already played Cultures 1, then you will love this game. The excellent graphic quality and rich contents are the 2 reason for this game's huge success. You won't get bored playing this game because there is plenty of playing hours. Overall this is 5/5 rating game that will certainly entertain you. Lead Bjarni and the Vikings to explore the world.