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Curse of Enchantia (pc game)
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  • Title screen
  • The game begins
  • Searching the cell
  • Breaking out
  • Watch out for the maces
  • Escape!
  • Exploring the ocean
  • Check out the fish shop
  • Pull the plug
  • Save game screen
  • Game title screen
  • A snapshot extracted from gameplay video.
  • This is the worst day of my life
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  • Courtesy of Abandonware France.
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  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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Great idea, bad execution

Curse of Enchantia has a great fantasy plot line - a boy is summoned to go to a new adventurous and magical land of Enchantia where all he has to do is to defeat the bad witch that is terrorising the place, break the curse that is set upon the world and then he can go home (kind of reminding me on the Neverending Story). The game looks really great at first sight on the cover of the CD - cartoonish design, detailed graphics.. Only to be dissapointed when you actually get to play the game. Idea is one thing, executing that idea is another. The games graphics are not all that great as it seemed. It is still rich with color but very grainy and not so detailed as first tought. Second of all, the game is way too much clicking. To get 30 feet in the game, you have to click at least 4-5 times to move the boy. He can't turn on his own, so you have to click the turn for him, otherwise he will keep walking into a wall. The interface system is too complicated and annoying and the puzzles are illogical at times, nonsensical most of the time. This is too bad. The game really got me going for the first 20 minutes, it seemed exciting and fun, but after that I realized that I was wrong, so I gave up and turned it off. I didn't want to waste my time on it, so you shouldn't either