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Cutthroats: Terror on the High Seas (pc game)
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Let the pirate adventure begin!

Cutthroats: Terror on the High Seas is a 1999 Role-Playing Strategy Game, where you play as a pirate of the Caribbean. The action takes place in the 17th Century, and you are allowed to do all kinds of pirate things: capturing ships, steal houses, receive letters, burn towns, kill civilians, recruit other pirates, attack other harbors, search for buried treasure, etc. So, prepare to sail the international seas to live a great adventure! The gameplay universe is huge, because there are over 70 harbors that can be visited by you. Also, many types of ships can be controlled, in a world where you have full independence and freedom to do whatever you want! In order to cope with the attacks and other threats, you have to develop your fleet properly. You will start the game as a simple captain, until you achieve significant funds to recruit enough professional crew members. With the gained money you can buy weapons, and modernize your ship. As I said before, you are allowed to attack towns (even an entire city), so the action won't take place only on the seas. The graphical aspect is very good, so the sounds, that can make you feel like a genuine pirate! I won't say more, it's up to you to convince yourself about this game by playing it!