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Cyril Cyberpunk - Cyberboard Kid (pc game)
4.5 out of 5 (6 votes)
  • Try to jump hard
  • Flying with skateboard
  • Have killed the beast
  • Jump on the box
  • I go for food
  • Jump to not kill me
  • Kill the bear
  • must avoid the obstacle
  • Below is an enemy
  • Hoverboarding before it was cool
  • Cyril the Cyberpunk
  • On the pink skateboard
  • Robot boss has his back turned!
  • At the pile of bones
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A fantastic adventure

Cyberboard kid is a very cool adventure side scrolling game that is similar to the extremely popular Commander Keen series. Again, we have a kid hero in charge of saving the world from an alien invasion. This time armed only with his cyberboard and pellet gun, he faces challenge and danger all by himself and goes fearlessly where nobody else dares.. The game is very fun and has three difficulty levels for you to choose from, so adults can enjoy this game as much as kids do. There are many very cool levels with superb futuristic designs and lots of enemies to destroy as well as lots of items to pick up. The graphics are on par with the Commander Keen games and even looks like the former game in terms of design and gameplay. The animation is pretty smooth and the audio less than average. But no matter, even on its own it's original and cool enough to attract most platform game lovers of all ages. Highly recommended, two thumbs up for this timeless game!